About Us  

It's all beginning in 1989...  

Colt Engineering Sdn Bhd was established on 19th June 1989 by the Managing Director, Tee Siew Chong. Throughout its over 20 years of operation, its purpose has been to be a solutions provider in design engineering and fire prevention systems. From its humble beginnings over 20 years, Colt Engineering Sdn Bhd has grown to establish itself as a competent pioneer in its industry throughout the Northern region of Malaysia

Throughout its history, Colt Engineering Sdn Bhd has successfully provided solutions for fire prevention and suppression system, especially for high harzardous industries like the Chemical and Petrochemical, Power Generation, Wastewater & Harzadous Waste, Pharmaceutical and Biotech, Pulp and Paper Industry. Colt Engineering Sdn Bhd also provides innovative solutions in Industrial Manufacturing, Property and Commerical Development, Infrastructure Development, Export and Import Habor, Agricultural Plantations, Food Technologies and Water Treatment. Colt Enginnering Sdn Bhd runs on a one-stop concept for fire protection, where everything is available under one roof. We have secured and executed successfully on many major engineering projects throughout the Northern region and the Klang.

Colt Engineering Sdn Bhd has also been actively organizing fire safety campaign to promote awareness of fire safety to all walks of life. Properly designed public fire safety education programs may significantly improve public attitudes toward the prevention of fire and thereby help to reduce fire losses.