Privacy & Conditions respect all the visitor, the member and the user visiting our website.
  Acquisition of information
During purchasing steps or as a subscriber, we will collect some information. This enable to provide our very best service for you. Goal of the data collection for the following:

I. Continuous service for the subscribers and formal purchasers.
II. Update promotions and new items.
III. Carry out the survey on our service quality
IV. Answer to the suscribers and purchasers.
V. After completion of online order, the goods will be delivered to the purchaser's mailing address.
  The material security
All transactions between our website and the subscribers or purchasers are confidential. retains the right to deliver such information to other parties. These parties include: The advertisement customers, the related companies, or other services that involves network technician.
Besides private information, any visitors' questions, opinions, suggestions or other materials proposed in this homepage are all regarded as non-private informations. retains the right of use, duplication, publication, broadcast and/ or posts the materials. Except governed by the law requirement or the government examination, all materials are confidential.

The material renewal and deletion:
If any personal material need to make any revision, correction or deletes, please contact the website manager.
  Foreign Currency Exchange Rate
We use a pre-determined exchange rate if you intend to trade in other currencies beside Ringgit Malaysia.  These rate are only updated weekly unless there is a sudden and dragstic change in the exchange rates.  This exchange rates may not be accurate to the current international foreign currency exchange rate at the time of your purchase but we will honor the purchase once the transaction is completed, we do expect you to do the same.
  Subjective Information
Some of the information provided are subjective to individual.  For example, the character of the tea are subjective to individual taste buds and preferrence.  We provide these information are a general guidance resulting from our collective perspective.  These information shall not be taken as accurate and shall be be used as legal action against us.
  Health Benefits
We do provide some information of the benefits of Pu Er tea in our website.  These information are collected from public sources and should not be taken as accurate facts.  We are not liable for any effect of health defficiency from the product from our website.  Please consult a qualified physician for an accurate health care instructions. 
We reserve the rights to change any information and price without prior notice.  However, all completed/paid transactions will be honored.