Return & Refund Policy  
  Refund Policy Seal Agreement
All product purchased from are non-refundable unless the products you purchased are out-of-stock and we are unable to replanish the stock within 1 month of the completed transaction.

Money will be refunded in the same way the customer originally paid.  Refund process will be done within one week of completed transaction. 
  Return Policy Seal Agreement
All product purchased from are non-returnable unless we shipped the wrong item to you.  You have to report the back to us within 3 days of receipt of shipment. will pay for all standard shipping costs and accept all returned items when the return is the result of retailer’s error.
The above are the minimum standards for an online retailer to have a fair and reasonable return policy.  These procedures work for most online stores, but may not be appropriate for all e-retailers.  Be sure to read the online retailer’s return policy carefully and do plenty of research on the retailer before making a purchase.